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Liverpool finalising £35m+ Salah deal - Philipinho - 06-19-2017

[Image: hd-mohamed-salah-main_mbxrpi0723ii1937dn...=620&h=430]
An agreement inclusive of add-ons is close to being concluded following ongoing discussions between the clubs over the dynamic 25-year-old.

Liverpool are tying up negotiations with Roma over a deal for Mohamed Salah as the player waits for permission to undergo a medical, which could happen this week.

The Serie A side were pushing for a fee in excess of £40 million, while the Reds had an opening offer of £28m rebuffed, but a compromise is close to being finalised following lengthy talks.

Do you think Salah will perform well at Liverpool should the deal go through?

RE: Liverpool finalising £35m+ Salah deal - Emmizzy - 06-19-2017

y not if not

RE: Liverpool finalising £35m+ Salah deal - Hassan Mutanga - 06-22-2017

He will be a hit.
Welcome Salah